Antonio Rivera Consulting, Inc.

Project Manager

Antonio Rivera Consulting is looking for a Project Manager.

About the Role

Project Management responsibilities typically include:

● Project Initiation

○ Ensures that projects are duly approved and authorized by the project sponsor
○ Assist (or may be assigned to) in the creation of Business Case(s)
○ Assist (or may be assigned to) in the creation of Project Charter(s)
○ Works with client(s) to align goals with project sponsor(s) and align priorities

● Project Planning

○ Documentation of Project Management Plan / Project Execution Plan
○ Coverage of the 10 PMI Knowledge Areas in the planning
○ Where applicable, assist in the Program Management Planning process
○ familiarity or MS Project is an advantage

● Project Execution

○ Scope Management

■ Ensure the project scope is delivered meeting acceptance criteria
■ Facilitate discussions with stakeholders when Change Requests are submitted

○ Schedule Management

■ Keep the project schedule updated
■ Taking corrective action and dealing with schedule variance

○ Budget Management

■ Tracking, management and reporting of project expenses
■ Taking corrective action where necessary when over/under-spending

○ Stakeholder Management

■ Identification of project stakeholders
■ Planning and engagement with stakeholders providing transparency
■ Negotiate with stakeholders where necessary to achieve project objectives

○ Communications

■ Facilitation of and attendance to project meetings
■ Documentation of Minutes of the Meeting
■ Setup and arrange ad-hoc meetings with stakeholders

○ Resource Management

■ Facilitate the building of project teams
■ Resource leveling and optimization
■ Maintain the acquisition of resources in a timely manner where resources may include human resources, materials and equipment1

○ Procurement Management

■ Work closely with Procurement Teams in the identification of specifications and requirements for project resources.
■ Documentation of specifications and requirements as well as possible alternatives and replacement where appropriate

○ Quality Management

■ Quality Control activities are performed
■ Quality Assurance inspections are scheduled and performed

○ Risk Management

■ Perform/facilitate Risk Identification
■ Perform/facilitate Risk Analysis
■ Perform/facilitate Risk Mitigation activities
■ Documentation of above items in a Risk Management Plan
■ Timely preparation of risk responses during project execution

○ Project Document Management

■ Maintenance of the consolidated project folder
■ Maintain the repository of all project documents, keeping track of all versions and state of each document (ex. Draft, For Review, Approved)

○ Change Management

■ Project Change Control and maintenance of Change Control Register
■ Organizational Change Management

● Project Monitoring & Control

○ Progress Tracking for the project, taking corrective action where necessary to maintain fidelity to the plan. Rebaseline where absolutely necessary.
○ Assist in the preparation of Weekly/Monthly Status Reports and dashboards ensuring that the relevant data needed for the status report(s) are available at the time of writing.
○ Facilitate the Project Status Updates with project stakeholders
○ Maintenance of the RAID Registers; Risk Register, Action Item Log, Issue Register and Decision Register.
○ Ensure the timely resolution of outstanding issues.
○ Ensure the timely execution of risk actions to mitigate or avoid risk.
○ Ensure that action items are closed in a timely manner

● Project Closing

○ Documentation of Project Closure Report(s)
○ Contribute in the Project Retrospective
○ Documentation of Project Certification of Completion and Acceptance
○ Performance of other related activities to project closure as necessary; ex.

● Others

○ Preparation of other presentation decks that may be needed from time to time to supplement the execution of the plan or to achieve project objectives.

What about Agile?

Depending on the project(s) assigned. It may be in our best interest to run the project in an agile manner. In these instances ARC uses AGILE SCRUM as a basis for implementation. A working knowledge of and experience with SCRUM will be an advantage.

Applicable Domains

ARC runs projects across multiple domains; knowledge in the following domains would be considered an advantage.
● Software Development
● IT Infrastructure deployment
● ERP System deployment
● Construction Management


Interested applicants may send their CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Antonio Rivera Consulting, Inc.

Antonio Rivera Consulting, Inc. is a consulting company in the business of providing measurable business impact in partnership with its clients. They specialize in the areas of Project Management and Business Analysis. The company has been serving multinational and large conglomerate companies in the Philippines in multiple industries from software development, power generation and distribution, construction, manufacturing, financial institutions, pharmaceutical and a growing list of shared service companies in Manila, Philippines since 2007.


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