2018 Training


“In this practical workshop, I will discuss the flawed approaches on applying Agile at various organizations, share with you proven approaches of learning Agile for both projects and products, and how to become an Agilist in all areas of life.

We'll also be sharing the wisdom of three incredible teachers and experts in the field of Agile (Martin, Adkins, and Griffin).”                                                                                          

-Amin Leiman, PMP, CISA, CPC, SDC, SMC



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Karate Project Management

The PM Skills They Never Taught You

2018 Training


It is a fun workshop filled with hands-on exercises that reflect real-life high-performance projects’ challenges. Participants will be taught the Karate Project Management (KPM)© Seven Bodies of Knowledge as the core foundation of managing a project “energy” and its related constraints.  Additionally, KPM provides the tools to succeed in project based on the principles of grounding, balancing, anticipating, harmonizing, reflecting, progressing, and resetting.  Consequently, participants will be able to better handle projects’ FUD factors: Fear, Uncertainties, and Doubt.  These factors include misdirection, unexpected delays, detours, complications, and unpleasant discoveries.

KPM is based on the ancient knowledge of the traditional Japanese Karate, positive psychology, Neuroscience (visualization) and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)©.

There are seven bodies of knowledge that will be shared in this experiential workshop: 1.) Project Energy Management, 2.) Project Emotional Management, 3.) Project Total Awareness Management, 4.) Project Harmony Management, 5.) Project Reflective Management, 6.) Project Continuous Improvement Management, 7.) Project Reset Management. The ultimate goal is to manage our "project energy" so we could "arrive" uninjured at the end of our project. By embracing the KPM mindset and skills, we could apply all these seven bodies of knowledge to create a state of "knowing" in order to manage our project risks effectively.

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Project Management in Construction

2018 Training


Project managers in the Philippines construction industry may have the experience to undertake the most complicated engineering projects for our developing local economy, but the impending challenge of integration with neighboring economies carry with it huge opportunities as well as huge demands for construction project managers in terms of project delivery at the right time and the right cost.

Filipino construction managers will benefit from the latest knowledge, skills, tools and techniques of the Project Management Institute’s “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)”, the reference of the latest ISO standard on project management (ISO 21500:2012).  This process framework has evolved to becoming the indispensable guide for managing projects for more than three decades.

This five-day program is a comprehensive course on the Project Management process framework of Project Management Institute (PMI)® and shall consist of lectures, workshops and group activities to facilitate a thorough understanding of the PMBOK® Guide as the foundational knowledge resource for understanding projects, with discussions of considerations and applications of fundamental project-management knowledge in the context of construction projects.

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