Book: Managing Information Technology




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  • Clearly distinguishes between strategic (long-term) and operational (short term) concerns
  • Unites long-term sustainability with short-term project management
  • Presents a seamless reference for IT managers, with numerous examples and practical checklists


There are two different, interdependent components of IT that are important to a CIO: strategy, which is long-term; and tactical and operational concerns, which are short-term. Based on this distinction and its repercussions, this book clearly separates strategy from day-to-day operations and projects from operations – the two most important functions of a CIO.

It starts by discussing the ideal organization of an IT department and the rationale behind it, and then goes on to debate the most pressing need – managing operations. It also explains some best industry standards and their practical implementation, and discusses project management, again highlighting the differences between the methodologies used in projects and those used in operations. A special chapter is devoted to the cutover of projects into operations, a critical aspect seldom discussed in detail. Other chapters touch on the management of IT portfolios, project governance, as well as agile project methodology, how it differs from the waterfall methodology, and when it is convenient to apply each.

Taking the fundamental principles of IT service management and best practices in project management, the book offers a single, seamless reference for IT managers and professionals. It is highly practical, explaining how to apply these principles based on the author’s extensive experience in industry.

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Book: The Business of Portfolio Management

Written by a business leader for business leaders at all levels. ‘The Business of Portfolio Management’ book fills the void left since the days of Tom Peters and Jim Collins by providing keys and guidance to better ways of doing business. This is done by integrating strategy development and its completion via a value management framework and more advanced use of portfolio management and culture change.

Hard hitting in some aspects but also a pragmatic guide for leaders that are looking to re-set their organizations, transform and become a consistently high-performing entity that’s focussed on value.
Written in four sections, the content uses new thinking, proven techniques, and case study examples. The author draws on his business leadership and governance experiences to provide a real world and a very good book.

Reviews (pre-publication reviews include):
"In business, the wins and losses are measured by the ability to execute strategy at pace. Boosting organizational value through portfolio management offers a pragmatic, proven, and practical framework for organizational alignment and change management. Well done Iain!"  Craig Bunyan, MBA, GM Technology, ANZ Banking Group.

“For busy, business savvy directors, senior business executives and consultants—an absolute must read. An illuminating game changer for dynamically improving strategy development and implementation through value driven, business integrated portfolio management.”  Chris Till, MA,Chief Executive, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

“This is a big deal!  It can help businesses become more innovative, more profitable, more sustainable, and more successful in today’s very competitive global economy.”  David Pells, PMI Fellow, Managing Editor, PM World Journal.


Originally from the Highlands of Scotland, now living in New Zealand, and working around the world, Iain is globally recognized for his expertise, experience, and insights on portfolio, program, and project management approaches. He consults, writes, speaks, and trains through his company, Jacobite Consulting Ltd. Iain is a member of the globalScot business network and also sits on a number of “for-profit” and advisory boards and is a chartered member of the Institute of Directors. He is a Past Chair of Project Management Institute and spent 6 years on the board of directors overseeing global expansion and growth.

The book is published by the Project Management Institute. Available from  Also available from Amazon, Fishpond et al.